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De-own with me

My name is Cheryl Brown. I love to tidy. I was known as Little Miss Neat. I love to sort out clutter, clean, tidy and organise. I enjoy helping people to create more space and a calm uncluttered environment. This can allow you to relax and unwind in your own home.

Decluttering never came naturally to me. I had to learn it for myself. My Mum used to declutter for me when I was a young child. My Mum passed away when I was 15 years old and I sadly did not get the chance to ask or learn how to declutter and learn from my Mum. I wished I had learned how to declutter when I was younger.

As an adult, I moved from home to home around the UK. On the most part I carried my baggage with me from place to place. I even had a storage unit when i was in my 30's. Then when we moved into a house we had much more space and we removed everything from the storage unit which saved us approximately £80 per month.

Our living area was always neat and tidy before expanding our family. Things were functional. I knew where the important things were kept. There were areas which had a lot in it. Such as books, box files. folders, and papers. This was mainly from courses and things that I thought I needed to hold onto for a long time.

Then we started a family and boom! The overwhelm began. The lack of time to myself was such a shock. No-one told me I would not have any time to do anything. I struggled with my new apparent lack of identity. I slowly noticed the pile of dishes, the post piling up, the recycling go crazy. The clothes washing always never seemed to be done. To simply eat, drink, sleep and go to the toilet became my goals over and above my new role as Mummy. How did I have time to do anything else?

The stress of not being able to keep my home under control started to show. I noticed that i could no longer feel able to relax in my own home. It made me feel sad and I longed for a calm, uncluttered place to relax in. But was I ever going to regain this crazy life again?

I tried different ways to get rid of the drowning feeling of the clutter. I knew I needed help to do it! Hence the name De-own with me. I wanted to sort my own home, life, garden, mental health out. Then I wanted to offer my help to others.

I began learning how to get my home under control. I liked the feeling of de-owning my stuff! In fact I was loving it! My Husband enjoyed having more space rather than clutter everywhere. He deserved to have a calm place to relax when he returned home from work. My young Son enjoyed exploring the tidy areas I had decluttered. He even asked If I had done the whole house once! I said that we would get there one day. would I become a minimalist one day though? Only time would tell. I can tell you this though. I loved the thought of being a Minimalist! I literally wished to become one.

Fast forward to 2023. Here I am. I am a professional cleaner. I'm a clutter coach. I'm becoming a sole trader to help others. I'm working on projects and it feels exciting! I have learned tips and tricks along the way in my decluttering journey so far. Now I feel that It is time to help others to do the same.

I look forward to seeing you and helping you very soon!

Take care,


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